Grupsa in the new Intensive Care Units Area of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid

  • 24 new boxes are equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of biosafety, acoustic insulation and privacy for the patient.
  • The new area expands the number of effective positions, to guarantee patient control, improve the working conditions of medical personnel and optimize the environmental environment during the patients’ stay.

The Ramón y Cajal hospital in the face of the Covid-19 situation, expands and improves the Intensive Care Units by conditioning the Intensive Medicine plant with 24 new posts for critically ill patients, equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of biosafety, acoustic isolation and privacy for the patient. In an area with more than 2,100 square meters and a total budget of more than four million euros, the new critical area will improve medical care for patients “thanks to an innovative and integrative system in the new equipment”, as confirmed by the own hospital management.

The new facilities at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital incorporate the products developed by Grupsa, with the most advanced technology for operating rooms and critical areas in hospitals. The 24 new boxes consist of single entrances and double doors SAS entrances for critical patients, in addition to a specific unit with lead protection, for radiological interventions. All ICUs have a hermetic closure, in accordance with standard EN 1026: 00 Class 4 and En 14426 Class 6, to maintain the positive and negative pressure differential of the rooms, providing operation with depression or overpressure with respect to the general areas that avoid the spread of pathogens abroad or the introduction of germs in immunosuppressed patients. All the doors also have privacy glazing interconnected with the automatic opening and closing of the doors, which guarantees the privacy of the patient during follow-up, cleaning and resting tasks.

On the other hand, the Intensive Care modules are equipped with the Clean System Modular Panel System. Made of Stainless Steel with Antibacterial Lacquered surface finish, they integrate the required medical and technological equipment, in a highly hygienic and effective way that favors the cleaning and disinfection of the rooms. Thanks to the modular system installed, the useful life of the new area can be considerably lengthened, increasing the efficiency and amortization of the investment made. The system allows the removal and reinstallation of panels individually, without the need for work or emission of dust particles, as well as the integration of new elements. Inspection and maintenance of the units is carried out periodically through fast and reliable access to the facilities hidden behind the modular panels.

The new line of ICU SYSTEM door systems also includes other models for Intensive Care, such as IS-550 with double sliding and folding function without floor track, which allows the passage of beds and equipment, in units with reduced space, by folding down of leaves and fixed. It also allows the integration of privacy elements with Smart Glass glass and Venetian blinds between glass with manual and automatic regulation.