Doors for Intensive Care Units and Isolated Areas of Grupsa

The intensive care area of ​​a hospital is an especially delicate area when it comes to planning, architectural design and construction, due to the demanding functional, structural and organizational requirements. Grupsa’s Intensive Care Door Systems (ICU) and Isolation Areas have the highest safety, quality and aseptic benefits to prevent the spread of pathogens in patients who require greater attention and care from healthcare professionals.
Grupsa offers standard solutions and customized solutions tailored to the requirements of the hospital installation, integrating elements of security, isolation and antibacterial control, in accordance with the strictest European health regulations:

  • Hermetic systems class 4 UNE-EN 12207: 2000 to favor the difference of positive pressure and negative pressure, in isolation units for immunosuppressed or infectious contagious patients respectively.
  • Lock systems between rooms for highly contagious patients.
  • Manual and automatic opening systems with high energy efficiency.
  • Sliding opening and manual folding systems that allow the entry of beds and equipment with maximum space savings.
  • Noise isolation, tested for 35 dB between rooms.
  • Venetian and privacy glass integration systems with manual or automatic regulation.
  • Turnkey modular systems with antibacterial modular panels and integration of medical equipment.
  • Compliance with European standards in terms of user safety, isolation and asepsis.

Through more than 50 years of international experience, the technical teams of Architecture and Engineering of Grupsa will contribute their recommendations and design details in the recommendations regarding dimensions, weights, integration of security and control elements, turnkey modular designs, privacy and surveillance of the sick. Grupsa’s ICU access systems allow safe and effective entry for healthcare professionals and bedridden patients.

  • UCI boxes, with manual or automatic opening
  • Doors with folding leaves to extend the passage space for hospital beds
  • Privacy glass, for patient isolation and to reduce external vision
  • Venetian blinds between glass, to regulate the entrance of light

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